Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky 10 Year Old Shiraz Cask Finish

The Bain’s Cape Mountains Whisky 10-Year-Old Shiraz cask finish is an aromatic, full-bodied expression released at cask strength to demonstrate the creatively that our Founder Distiller has brought to the world of whisky.

After Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky initial double maturation, Andy finished the whisky for a further five years in ex-shiraz American Oak casks.

Un-chillfiltered and natural in colour the whisky is presented in its purest form.

Shiraz Casks are rarely selected as a whisky finish, yet the complexity of the seasoned Shiraz casks selected enrich Bains’s Cape Mountain Whisky with layers of earthy red fruit and pepper, enlivening the whisky’s signature aromas of vanilla, toffee and spice.

Maturation Potential

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