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Nederburg is considered by many to be South Africa’s most decorated name in wine and their achievements and accolades can match up to any other estate in the nation. Established in 1791 by Philippus Wolvaart and his wife, Margaretha, they laid the foundations for future success on a farm situated between the Berg and Palmiet rivers. Amongst their many accolades, highlights include Platter’s guide awarding them winery of the year in 2011 and 2017 and placing 36th in the ‘most admired wine brand in the world’ by the esteemed Drinks International in 2017.

This wine has been checked and re-corked by Amorim cork under supervision of auction curator Higgo Jacobs, assuring provenance, quality and long life. Seal codes can be traced on Amorim Recorking Directory

Maiden vintage of Nederburg Baronne, Nederburg’s legendary cellarmaster at that time, Günter Brözel, created Baronne to meet the unexpected demand and shortage of red wines in the 1970s, with palates changing from fortified, sweet and quirky white wines, offered since the mid-1900s.
This sudden demand for red wine was exacerbated by the fact that in those years, 80% of the planted varieties in the Cape winelands were white grape varieties with little red available. Brözel managed to secure Cabernet and Shiraz vineyards to produce his Baronne red blend.
To introduce an element of plushness to the wine and spicy warmth to lift the firm backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon, Brözel decided that Baronne would contain an element of Shiraz, the famous Rhône variety. Brözel’s credo was that Baronne would never be a wine of high alcohol or hard extraction that would lead to the tough tannins. Just a 'continuously renewable style of quality and perception'.


'Maiden vintage - quite a youthful colour, medium red, with just a touch of a brown edge. The first swirl in the glass reveals beautiful sweet red fruit, nuttiness, mushrooms and that typical Nederburg richness of mature red wine. The wine surprises on the palate with a long silky smooth taste. The red fruit with that touch of sweetness carries on rounded by gentle tannins. Here is balance, elegance and a richness that pleases the palate. A prime example of a mature red wine with still lots of life. - Tasted at 50th anniversary tasting - very good.' - Bennie Howard CWM (Mar 2023)


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