Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve

Durbanville Hills Wine’s Collectors Reserve is inspired by Cape Town’s radiant energy. 

The Cape Mist creates a soft blanket over Durbanville Hills Wines’ slopes to create optimal conditions to grow Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The Cape Mist Sauvignon Blanc is characterised by aromas citrus, gooseberry and passion fruit.

Enjoying the panoramic view of Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean atop Table Mountain is an iconic experience. The sea mist cools the lower-lying Chardonnay vineyard slopes. The Cableway Chardonnay is rich in citrus flavours and sweet fruit on the palate.

The Company’s Garden is a prominent landmark in Cape Town with deep roots in the city’s history. It is also where the first Chenin Blanc vineyards were planted. The Company’s Garden Chenin Blanc pays tribute to these gardens. This exceptional wine has aromas of green apple, lime, oak and vanilla, with lime, oak and vanilla on the palate.

A leisurely stroll down the seafront promenade affords breath-taking panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, a beautiful reminder that certain experiences should be savoured and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. The Pinotage rewards an unhurried approach with lingering complexity on both nose and palate.

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Collectors Reserve The High Noon Shiraz 2021


Durbanville HillsCollectors Reserve The High Noon Shiraz 2021




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