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Whether it's for yourself or someone else, the variety and quality of our wines are just some of the benefits. Here are a few other tantalising ones to consider.


Excellent choice, variety and quality

Make your selections from outstanding brands like Jacobsdal, Durbanville Hills, Zonnebleom, Fleur du Cap, JC Le Roux, Pongrácz, Monis and Nederburg.

We cater for all tastes and personal preferences by releasing a variety of wine offers during the course of the year. This means there will always be something attractive to you, whether you prefer to purchase young wines and wait for them to mature, or if you'd rather buy fully matured wines ready for enjoyment.

Choosing from our vast selection is the only hard part! From here, we do all the rest.


Ease of purchase

Contact us on 021 809 8280 or buy directly from our website. Alternatively, fill in one of our regular wine offers and fax or email it to us. You can have the wine delivered immediately or choose to leave it in our cellars for further maturation under perfect conditions and our expert supervision.


Free delivery

There is no delivery charge anywhere in South Africa, regardless of how long your wine stays in our cellars. You contact us when you want your wine and we courier it to you, free of charge, to the given address. By prior arrangement, you may also collect your wine directly from The Bergkelder Vinotèque in Stellenbosch.


Ideal Maturation Under Expert Supervision

Our maturation cellar provides the ideal conditions for wine maturation, to ensure that your liquid investment reaches optimal maturity.

In the world of fine wine, the word Provenance is becoming more important. Simply put, Provenance means origin or source. It is crucial when buying or selling older vintages, that you know where and how the wine has been stored or matured, to ensure that you are able to enjoy the wine in perfect condition. At the Bergkelder Vinotèque we only offer wines with impeccable condition and Provenance.


A Gift of Wine

What more thoughtful gift can there be than a case of carefully selected vintage wine? All you need to do is send us the details of the recipient and we effect the transfer free of charge.

An exclusive gift certificate from the Vinotèque notifies the recipient that a quantity of fine wine has been transferred to his or her name and is being cared for on their behalf in the safety of the Bergkelder Vinotèque cellar.


Maturation fee and report

For an annual fee your wine receives the finest care available in the best possible conditions. All wines in our selection are regularly tasted by our own tasting panel.

As a member, you receive annual reports on how your wine is developing. The reports will also inform you of when your wine has reached optimum maturity and is ready for your enjoyment.


Security and Insurance

Safe from theft or damage, there is no safer place for your stock of wine than The Bergkelder Vinotèque Wine Bank. For your complete peace of mind, The Bergkelder Vinotèque Wine Bank insures all the wines entrusted to its keeping.


Tasting and entertainment

You are invited to visit The Bergkelder Vinotèque by prior arrangement once a year so that you may taste your wine as it matures, and an added benefit is that the wine drawn for tasting is not from your stock! Your wine will be safely reserved for you until it is at its absolute peak. As a Vinotèque member, you are invited to make use of our exclusive Laszlo room in which to taste your wine collection with up to five friends, family members or business colleagues.


Your own liquid investment, in your own private cellar

Well-selected, perfectly matured wines are an investment in a quality lifestyle. Once you've selected your wines, we will keep them for you in ideal maturation conditions under expert supervision.


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