Nederburg Port 1964


This is the first and only Port to be made by the legendary Günter Brözel. It was made from fully ripe Shiraz grapes and fortified with the finest grape spirit. The wine was matured for 18 years in small oak barrels before bottling. Each bottle was signed by Günter, numbered, and sealed with a wax coat. Only 3162 bottles were made. The wine has a brilliant and vibrant pale brown colour, with a touch of green on the side. Dried fruits, spice and a rich creaminess dominate the nose. It is still fresh with no sign of over maturity. The wine flows over the palate with a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and tannins. Silky and rich, but smooth with a slight spiciness and rounded off by the luscious dried apricots, pears and peaches. It just lingers on the palate. It is a mature tawny port wine, but still has so much life to go!

Maturation Potential

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